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Hose Safety Institute logo

"The Hose Safety Institute has been the ideal environment for our Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) project, Matching Acquisition Strategies to Industrial Capabilities (MASIC), to interact effectively with the hose and accessories industry. It allows us to understand better what deters the industrial hose/fittings community from bidding on Government solicitations and what steps might be taken to improve industry response. NAHAD and the Institute have set the bar very high for future DLA-Industry relationship development. We couldn’t ask for more open and interested collaboration."

Jo Marie Diamond
HSI Advisory Council Member
CEO, East County Economic Development Council / leading DLA Connectory MASIC

hose assembly Best Practices

The NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines, as contained within the Hose Safety Institute Handbook and the online Fabrication & Design Guides, provide recommended procedures for fabricating hose assemblies designed to meet minimum safety, quality and reliability performance. As part of this effort, NAHAD identifies and provides Best Industry Practices and guidance related to hose assembly specification, installation and maintenance, as well as Distributor business processes and technical procedures of value to end users.

Hose Safety Institute Members utilize the Fabrication & Design Guidelines and additional best practice information to support their capabilities in meeting the needs of their customers.

NAHAD welcomes submissions of best practice recommendations, case studies, video demonstrations and white papers that would be helpful to end-users in optimally managing the life cycles of their hose assemblies, safety practices, maintenance issues, etc.  Please send any submissions to Debbie Mitchell (dmitchell@nahad.org.)

NAHAD is pleased to recognize Dixon Valve and Coupling Company for providing the articles listed below in support of Hose Assembly Best Practices.