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"The Hose Safety Institute has been the ideal environment for our Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) project, Matching Acquisition Strategies to Industrial Capabilities (MASIC), to interact effectively with the hose and accessories industry. It allows us to understand better what deters the industrial hose/fittings community from bidding on Government solicitations and what steps might be taken to improve industry response. NAHAD and the Institute have set the bar very high for future DLA-Industry relationship development. We couldn’t ask for more open and interested collaboration."

Jo Marie Diamond
HSI Advisory Council Member
CEO, East County Economic Development Council / leading DLA Connectory MASIC


The NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines include the Hose Safety Institute Handbook and the five online Fabrication Guides. Together, the Guidelines provide a comprehensive set of minimum performance recommendations for the Specification, Fabrication and Design of Industrial, Composite, Hydraulic, Corrugated Metal and Fluoropolymer hose assemblies as well as Ducting and Custom Made Hose, all focused on ensuringhose assembly safety, quality and reliability.Sample Version Cover

The Institute Handbook (see 70 page Sample at left) contains the latest hose assembly information, data sheets and recommendations - 312 pages, 93 charts, 319 photos & images! NOTE: Institute Members have free access to the complete E-version of the Handbook here!


Hose Safety Institute members have exclusive online access here to the complete 312 page HANDBOOK for the Design & Specification of Hose Assemblies.

Please ensure you have the latest version of the Institute Handbook; click here for a list of updates, including links to revised pages you may download, print and insert in your Handbook binder.

NAHAD recommends that end-users utilize the expertise and capabilities of a NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Distributor when purchasing or servicing their hose assembly needs. The Hose Assembly Fabrication & Design Guidelines (PDF links under each cover image, below) are available for Hose Safety Institute Members only.

NOTE: The Institute Handbook and the NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines are copyrighted documents and may not be reproduced without permission from NAHAD.

Institute Members may access the online Hose Assembly Fabrication Guides, below. 

Composite Hose Spec Cover

Composite Hose
Fabrication Guide


Corrugated Metal Spec Cover

Corrugated Metal Hose Fabrication Guide



 Fluoropolymer Hose Spec Cover

Fluoropolymer Hose Fabrication Guide



Hsydraulic Spec Cover

Hydraulic Hose
Fabrication Guide


 Industrial Hose Spec Cover

Industrial Hose
Fabrication Guide