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Your Business Intelligence, Analytics & Comparative Performance Tool


NAHAD’s data analytics performance program – Distributor Performance Dashboards (DPD) - is an entirely new model for collecting and analyzing Distributor data, providing participating companies with leading edge insights, intelligence and capabilities.

DPD is a powerful tool for business decision-making, allowing participating members to compare their data, year-over-year, while measuring their performance against industry peers, in confidence and with total security - all at no cost! By utilizing the new Distributor Performance Dashboards, participating Distributors will:

  • Have the tools needed to perform your annual business ‘Fiscal Check-Up’
  • Develop a history of comparable, annual growth data
  • Identify the ‘low-hanging fruit’ to achieve the easiest, quickest financial benefits
  • Achieve measurable performance and productivity improvements
  • Obtain the key business metrics and data necessary for successful succession planning

The DPD program was developed by an alliance of five leading distribution associations, including NAHAD, in partnership with Phocas Software, a top-rated global business intelligence firm. And, did we mention “confidential?” No individual company data will ever be disclosed, ever: Safe, Secure, Simple.

By completing the DPD Survey each spring, using your most recently-completed fiscal year’s data, you will have access to an array of reports and 'Dashboard' graphics, providing unique insights and 'what-if' scenarios for sound business planning.

See what Industrial Supply Magazine says about the Value of DPD

The DPD Tutorial Video, below, and this How-to-Use-the-Dashboards Reference Guide are designed to assist participants in making their Dashboard experience easy, streamlined and efficient. Please direct your questions to NAHAD DPD Administrator Don Smith at DPD@nahad.org or 800-624-2227.