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All applications are reviewed by NAHAD’s Membership Committee, which reserves the right to accept or reject any application for any reason.
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MANUFACTURER MEMBER QUALIFICATIONS - Each box must be checked and/or completed:
1. Applicant must be primarily engaged in either (check either A or B)
(a) the manufacture of flexible hose products, couplings, clamps, accessories or industrial rubber products (“Hose Products”), of which more than 51% are marketed through distributors, OR
(b) the manufacture of hose-related mechanical equipment and/or hose fabrication systems, of which more than 51% are marketed to and/or through distributors.
2. List three NAHAD Member distributor companies with whom you are currently doing business or who have agreed to sponsor your company; (References will be checked)
A. Distributor Company:
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B. Distributor Company:
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C. Distributor Company:
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3. Indicate percentage of sales sold through Distributors to End-users ;
4. US and Canadian based companies must maintain Product Liability Insurance of at least US$2 million- Insurance Company Name: Policy #: ;
5. Comply in full with NAHAD's Code of Business Conduct,
6. Encourage and support distributors' efforts in achieving and maintaining their NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Membership status;
7. Commit to product quality by ensuring that all Hose Products sold by the company comply with appropriate existing industry manufacturing and performance standards;
8. Annually attest, in writing, to compliance with all items above.
Applicant agrees to comply with NAHAD bylaws, rules and regulations and must certify that they meet the membership eligibility requirements by providing documentation to that effect if requested by the membership committee.
Upon receipt, applications will be reviewed by the NAHAD Membership Committee within 5-10 business days. You will be notified if your application has been approved or denied. By submitting this application you are agreeing to pay the required membership fee ($2000) once the application is approved.
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