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All applications are reviewed by NAHAD’s Membership Committee, which reserves the right to accept or reject any application for any reason.
To be accepted, all submissions must include all the information below:
Applicant's Name:
Company Name:
Company Phone:
Company Fax:
Web Address:
How did you learn about NAHAD?
Manufacturer Representative Membership Qualifications
Manufacturer Representative Applicants must:
i. Earn each year 50% or more of annual aggregate revenues from commissions on sales in a defined geographic or market territory from NAHAD Member Manufacturers; and,
ii. Be sponsored by two (2) NAHAD Distributor Members and two (2) NAHAD Manufacturer Members, who shall certify that the applicant possesses the highest qualities of professionalism, integrity and industry knowledge; and,
A. Distributor Company:
A. Contact Name:
A. Contact Phone:
A. Contact Email:
B. Distributor Company:
B. Contact Name:
B. Contact Phone:
B. Contact Email:
C. Manufacturer Company:
C. Contact Name:
C. Contact Phone:
C. Contact Email:
D. Manufacturer Company:
D. Contact Name:
D. Contact Phone:
D. Contact Email:
iii.Commit to attending the NAHAD Annual Convention as a registrant at least every other year.
Manufacturer Representative agrees to:
1. Comply in full with NAHAD's Code of Business Conduct,
2. Encourage and support distributors' efforts in achieving and maintaining their NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Membership status;
3. Commit to product quality by ensuring that all Hose Products sold by the company comply with appropriate existing industry manufacturing and performance standards;
4. Annually attest, in writing, to compliance with all items above.
Briefly describe the products you represent:
Applicant agrees to comply with NAHAD bylaws, rules and regulations and must certify that they meet the membership eligibility requirements by providing documentation to that effect if requested by the membership committee.
Upon receipt, applications will be reviewed by the NAHAD Membership Committee within 7-14 business days. You will be notified if your application has been approved or denied. By submitting this application you are agreeing to pay the required membership fee once the application is approved.
I am joining NAHAD for the first time - $1250
Another representative from my company has an existing NAHAD membership - $1250 per additional rep with the same company.
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