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The mobile 700 bar high-pressure unit from UNIFLEX: A truly magical box!

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Due to their high performance, crimping precision, robustness, and compact dimensions, the mobile hydraulic crimpers from UNIFLEX are appreciated worldwide. With an innovative high-pressure unit, UNIFLEX now offers a practical accessory, an ingeniously simple external drive. Using this easy-to-handle unit and an off-the-shelf screwdriver (drive torque: at least 25 NM), manually operated workshop crimpers for 1’’ hoses (4SH/R15) can be driven hydraulically with low or high pressure. Watch the video to see the mobile 700 bar high-pressure unit in action!

The “magical box” weighs only 8.5 kg (incl. 1.8 L of oil), with a length, width, and height of just 235 mm, 175 mm, and 215 mm. Equipped with a shoulder or neck strap, the unit can be comfortably carried with both hands free to adjust the necessary settings with the cordless screwdriver (not included). The unit works with a maximum operating pressure of 700 bar and automatically switches at a pressure of 50 bar between the high-pressure and the low-pressure levels with two conveying speeds. The low-pressure volume flow (fast stroke up to 50 bar) is 3.2 L/min at 2000 rpm and the high-pressure volume flow (slow stroke with more than 50 bar) is 0.19 L/min at 500 rpm. Moreover, the respective flow volumes can be doubled to 6.5 and 0.38 L/min by optionally doubling the pump elements from three to six. The flow volumes depend on the standard rotational speeds of the cordless screwdriver.

The mobile high-pressure unit stands out due to its control elements: a pressure relief valve, an adjustable pressure limiting valve (PLV), a manometer measuring connection, a connection to the tool (actuator), and an oil inlet screw with a measuring stick. Thanks to UNIFLEX and its mobile hydraulic drive for manually operated crimpers, a large portion of manual work in hose repair is a thing of the past!

Of course, this UNIFLEX product also comes with the usual two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Figure: The 700 bar HPU in comparison with the crimper with a "pump" bar, as shown in the video

Legend: Still pumping when you could already be crimping? The mobile 700 bar

high-pressure unit from UNIFLEX belongs in every mobile workshop (cordless screwdriver not included).

Watch the video showing the mobile 700 bar HPU in action

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The first battery-driven hose-cutting machine from UNIFLEX

For unbeatable mobility: The new battery-driven EM 1SB cutting machine from UNIFLEX cuts hydraulic and industrial hoses up to an outside diameter of SAE R12 1 ¼" like a hot knife through butter. Weighing only 7 kg, the device is extremely compact, can be fixed quickly and guarantees clean cuts – thanks to the TM C high-quality cutting blade and the extra-long fixing bolts for the workpieces to be cut. The EM 1SB standard package comes with two exchangeable batteries for cutting at 5000 RPM with 90 Wh – and a UNIFLEX manufacturer's warranty of two full years.

Because maximum precision is of utmost importance in the production and repair of hose assemblies, UNIFLEX, the global market leader in the field of high-performance crimpers for hydraulic hoses, also offers a wide range of accessories. Various cutting machines for hydraulic hoses of all size categories make work much easier. Independence in the precise cutting of smaller hoses with a diameter of 1¼" (outside diameter of 2") is now possible with the new battery-driven cutting machine EM 1SB from UNIFLEX. Essentially, the ATM 1[This is the first mention of “ATM 1”. Should this be “EM 1SB”?] is based on the previous EM 1S model, the only difference being that a high-performance battery-driven circular saw from Makita is being used instead of the “blue” hand-held circular saw from Bosch.

Included in the standard package are two exchangeable batteries as well as one charger. It is recommended to use the UNIFLEX TU workbench. The compact cutting machine with a base of only 30 x 40 cm can, however, also be fixed almost everywhere else. It is important to have two fixing points and a stable stand.

To ensure that hoses with a bigger diameter can be cut without any problems, the EM 1SB operates with the easy-to-change TM C cutting blade from UNIFLEX as well as an equally proven baseplate with long, stable holding pins making the bending, clamping and fixing of the workpieces easy. Clean and precise cutting of the hoses is carried out within seconds.

Thanks to its battery-based technology and the variable charger, the EM 1SB from UNIFLEX is suitable for use all over the world. The cutting machine can be operated with little effort, is supplied with a manufacturer's warranty of two years and is, of course, 100% CE compliant.


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Watch the video showing the EM 1SB

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Based in Frankfurt, Germany, UNIFLEX Hydraulik GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative systems for industrial hose production and processing for more than forty-eight years. The company serves the entire global market; UNIFLEX exports more than three-quarters of its products, and has offices and subsidiaries in the Americas and Asia serving market leaders such as Caterpillar, Gates, and Parker.

UNIFLEX provides a two-year guarantee on all of its machines.

UNIFLEX hydraulic presses feature unique friction bearing technology; unlike lubricated presses, UNIFLEX presses are virtually friction-free and especially low on maintenance, as pressing without oiling is cleaner and less labour-intensive.

Apart from that, UNIFLEX presses are known for yielding the best possible work results, reliable return on investment and maximum ergonomics; a full range of accessories makes the various UNIFLEX models even easier to work with.

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