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 January 2018 
March 6-8, 2018

Sales Professional Training Camps - March

Featuring: The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession

Dayton, OH

March 11-14, 2018

University of Innovative Distribution

JW Marriott Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

April 28 - May 1, 2018

34th Annual NAHAD Convention

JW Marriott Marco Island

Marco Island, Florida


Board Member Responsibilities

Eligible NAHAD members have the opportunity to offer their talents, time and expertise to support the work of the Association as an elected volunteer leader serving on the Board of Directors.

As noted in Article VI, Section 1 of the NAHAD Bylaws, “The business of the Association shall be managed by its Board of Directors which may exercise all such powers of the Association and do all such lawful acts and things as are not by statute or by the Articles of Incorporation or by these By Laws directed or required to be exercised or done by the Members.”

Board photo 2017

Board members are elected by the voting membership via mail ballot prior to each Annual Meeting of the Association. The Nominating Committee and Board review eligible nominees and a ballot, listing the recommended slate of candidates, is then mailed to all eligible voting members. Requests for nominations are sent to all members annually. Members interested in being considered for election must submit the completed NAHAD Nomination Form to the Association office by a specified date.

NAHAD Board members serve terms of three years. During their term of office each Board member serves as a committee chair or co-chair, and is responsible for the timely operations of the assigned committee and for accomplishing the annual committee Action Items, as defined by the Board. The Board and committee goals and objectives are defined within the Association’s Strategic Plan, which is updated every three years.

Board members commit to attending all scheduled Board meetings held throughout the year (typically one meeting at the Annual Meeting & Convention and one mid-year meeting each September) and to manage the work of their assigned committee. As a member of the NAHAD Board, members agree to follow all established Association policies and procedures and to act in the best interests of the total Association. The NAHAD Board of Directors serves as the Association’s governance body; as such, Board members do not serve constituencies, but act on behalf of the entire membership to set policy and direction. NAHAD’s professional staff works in support of the Board and the committees, managing the day-to-day operations of the Association, in keeping with the established policies and procedures.

Board members agree, in writing, to support the following commitments: 

  1. Understand and ensure that NAHAD reaches its mission and vision

  2. Understand the values of NAHAD and use them in my decision making

  3. Attend all regular and special board meetings and actively participate in proceedings

  4. Serve on at least one committee. Attend all regular committee meetings and actively participate in the proceedings

  5. Be accessible, at least by phone or e-mail, to staff and other board members as needed

  6. Participate in board member orientation programs

  7. Support NAHAD by maintaining my company’s annual membership and by attending and/or participating in as many organization events and programs as possible

  8. Solicit the membership, in-kind, and political support of other industry firms

  9. Share resources and talents with the organization, including expertise, contacts and industry knowledge

  10. Serve as an advocate for the organization within my personal, business, and civic circles of influence

  11. Fulfill commitments within agreed-upon deadlines

  12. Maintain and promote high ethical standards including good-faith board decision making and avoiding an actual or perceived conflict of interest with other activities, interests, and/or organizations with which I may be involved

  13. Maintain the confidentiality of the private information of the organization, staff, clients, and other board members

  14. Understand and approve global NAHAD policies

  15. Be fiscally responsible for the organization by being familiar with, approving and supporting NAHAD’s operating budget

  16. Communicate effectively and respect the diverse opinions of others

  17. Agree that in the event, for whatever reason, I can no longer fulfill my duties and responsibilities as a NAHAD board member, I will immediately notify the board chair and make arrangements to transfer any outstanding responsibilities to other members of the board

Interested members may submit a completed >> Nomination Form << or should contact Molly Alton Mullins, NAHAD Associate Executive