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This FREE NAHAD member benefit collects and analyzes Distributor data, providing participating NAHAD member companies with confidential, leading-edge business insights and intelligence. By completing your Distributor Performance Dashboards (DPD) Survey, participants are able to compare their company to others in the industry, year-over-year, in complete confidence and with total security - all at no cost. 

NAHAD has partnered with CoMetrics, to improve DPD and offer more user friendliness and data options. The process has been made easier, the information is more robust, and for those who participated previously, your historical data is still available to provide you with the insights you need for multi-year comparatives.  Key benefits include:

  • Perform your annual business ‘Fiscal Check-Up’
  • Develop a history of comparable, annual growth data
  • Identify the ‘low-hanging fruit’ to achieve the easiest, quickest financial benefits
  • Achieve measurable performance and productivity improvements
  • Obtain the key business metrics and data necessary for successful succession planning

Need more information on DPD? Check out the following links that highlight the incredible benefits of DPD and how you can participate:

By completing and submitting the annual DPD survey, using your most recently-completed fiscal year’s data, you will have access to an array of reports and 'Dashboard' graphics, providing unique insights and 'what-if' scenarios for sound business planning. Questions? Email Catherine Wiafe at for more information. 


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