NAHAD's Hose Safety Institute

NAHAD is committed to ensuring that all hose and hose accessory industry professionals have the knowledge, resources, and training to be safe at all times.  We believe in making sure that your customers' employees arrive home safely to their loved ones at the end of every day.

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Hose Safety Institute Member Resources

Everything you need for a safer hose accessory industry.

Customer Guide to Hose Assembly Safety & Quality

Providing your customers with the best guide to hose assembly safety.

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End User Guide to Hose Assembly Safety & Quality

Ensure that your users return home safely at the end of every day with this leading guide to hose assembly safety.

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Guide for Understanding Hose Assembly Testing Requirements (End User)

The ultimate user's guide to the requirements and standards for hose assembly testing.

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Guide for Understanding Hose Assembly Testing Requirements

Hose assembly testing standards broken down into the ultimate guide.

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Hose Assembly Incident Report

A comprehensive look at hose assembly incidents and how they should be addressed and avoided.

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Hose Safety Institute Briefing

The Hose Safety Institute's briefing provides up to date information on hose safety best practices and standards.

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Hose Safety Institute Member Logos

Access your Hose Safety Institute member logo and proudly display your commitment to the industry and hose safety.

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Hose Safety Institute Presentation

View the Hose Safety Institute's presentation on best practices, industry standards, and innovative advancements.

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Hose Safety Institute Tri-fold

Easily accessible hose safety information that can be shared within your organization as well as with your customers.

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How Do Failed Hose Assemblies Affect Your Business

Discover the ramifications of failed hose assemblies. Find out how a failure can impact your company.


Quality Program Template

Utilize this template to develop your quality program and ensure the best from your products.

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Learn how the acronym STAMPED can be used to identify proper hose assembly.

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Become a part of the community dedicated to growth and prosperity in the hose and hose accessory industry.