NAHAD Social Cause

In an effort to give back and help others, NAHAD launched an initiative at the 2016 Annual Convention to bring our members together to support a cause connected to the hose industry: clean water.

NAHAD's 35th Annual Meeting & Convention Recap

Take a look back at some of the moments from #NAHAD2019.

NAHAD's 35th Annual Meeting & Convention Slide Show

Check out highlights from #NAHAD2019.

NAHAD WIN 2018 Session

Check out this session from NAHAD's 2018 Annual Meeting & Convention.

Learn More About NAHAD's DPD Program

In a rapidly changing industry, benchmarks show how you compare to your peers and competition. Paul Giudice, CEO of CoMetrics discusses the benefits of participating in NAHAD's Distributor Performance Dashboards (DPD) program tailored for distributor members.

NAHAD DPD Webinar: Are You a Top Performer?

Paul discusses how and why incorporating benchmarks into your business strategy can help you achieve top performance and grow your bottom line.

Women In NAHAD (WIN) Webinar: Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

Just because we've always done things one way, doesn't mean they work in today's market.

Brent Lilly, Parker Hannifin Corp, MFG

Brent Lilly explains why attending the NAHAD Annual Meeting & Convention is a benefit to Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Learn More about NAHAD's Newest Value Partner APPI Energy

APPI Energy provides NAHAD members* with data-driven energy procurement solutions, helping to reduce operational expenses and save your company energy costs. APPI Energy offers NAHAD members* competitive electricity and natural gas supplier prices at no up-front cost or obligation to purchase.


UID-In-A-Day speaker Jim Pancero discusses his sessions at the 2017 NAHAD Annual Convention.

Learn How NAHAD's DPD Dashboards Work

Learn how to navigate DPD dashboards through a training session with NAHAD’s Don Smith, technical administer of the program. During this webinar, Don will walk you through individual dashboards and show you how to drill down for additional analysis, while comparing your company to the industry’s average and high performing companies. He will review balance sheets, operation and sales expenses and much more.

Leveraging Membership in NAHAD's Hose Safety Institute

A review on not only how to make the most out of your membership, but how to join if you haven't already. Join Debbie Mitchell, NAHAD Standards Manager, for an overview of the advantages and resources associated with Institute membership. The Institute is a great way to augment your employee training and recognition programs, while adding to your marketing arsenal.

NAHAD's Employee Development Roadmap

NAHAD's Executive V.P. discusses the Employee Development Roadmap.

Nancye Combs, HR Enterprises

Discover best practices and tips for hiring top candidates for your sales team. Nancye Combs shares her insights and experience with the NAHAD community.

Jo Marie Diamond, a member of NAHAD's Hose Safety Institute

Find out how NAHAD members are gaining the tools needed to lead their industry with the Hose Safety Institute.

Jason Bader of The Distribution Team

Learn how to explain your company financials to your team and ensure that your employees fully understand your financial model.

Don Buttrey, Sales Professional Training, Inc.

Understand the importance of pre-call planning and how it improves your sales team's margin of success.

Jim Reilly, GHX Industrial

Discover one member's experience with the Hose Safety Institute and how membership has helped his company to grow and provide the greatest value to their customers.

Mark Fournier, President of IR-G in Nashville, TN

Learn how NAHAD fosters strong business relationships and a community dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation.

Jo Marie Diamond, a member of NAHAD's Hose Safety Institute

Discover how NAHAD members gain access to a wide range of industry professionals through a constantly growing community.

Michael Marks, Indian River Consulting Group and UID Faculty Member

Learn more about the University of Industrial Distribution.

Scott Moss, V.P., Moss Rubber & Equipment Company

Get a firsthand description of the opportunities offered to NAHAD members, from networking to resource access.

Ashwin Mondkar, Hy-Tech USA

Discover how NAHAD uniquely benefits new members. From connecting with new resources within the community to increases in their customer base.

Jack Keough, Industrial Distribution Magazine

Hear what a longtime Convention attendee has to say about NAHAD's growth and it's member benefits.

Nancye Combs of HR Enterprise, Inc.

Find out how to prevent complaints regarding pay practices, such as overtime payments, from Nancye Combs of HR Enterprises, Inc.

Don Buttrey, Sales Professional Training, Inc.

Learn about the importance of empowering your sales team to think strategically and with purpose.

Mark Fournier, IR-G, Nashville, TN

Discover how strong relationships are formed through the NAHAD community and the opportunities to connect with the community.

Terry Weiner, Abbott Rubber Co

Terry Weiner of Aboott Rubber Co. explains what long-term NAHAD membership means to a company and how members benefit, time and time again.

Jo Marie Diamond, a member of NAHAD's Hose Safety Institute

Learn how NAHAD members gain exclusive access to resources and support that can transform their business.

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