Job Task Description

Warehouse Supervisor


  • Candidates for this position should have strong hose fittings experience and demonstrate the ability to fill customer orders from stock on time effectively and efficiently. Additionally, they should have experience in the life cycle of inventory from cradle to grave.
  • Supervises and coordinates activities of workers concerned with ordering, receiving, inventorying, issuing and shipping materials, supplies, tools, equipment and parts in stockroom or warehouse. Efficiently manages stock including purchases, transfers and regular stock takes.
  • Effectively manages order flow to ensure that all orders are completed and delivered on time.
  • Advises employees on the care and preservation of items received, stored and shipped; methods and use of equipment in handling, storing, maintaining and shipping stock; and related problems.
  • Accurately records information related to the management of stock, supplies, materials, tools, equipment and parts in the stockroom or warehouse; reviews records for accuracy of information and compliance with established warehouse procedures; maintains inventory levels through review and ordering.
  • Reviews history of items to determine reasons for discrepancies between inventory and stock control records and recommends remedial actions to resolve discrepancies. Prepares written reports as needed regarding stock, inventory, reports, corrective actions, etc.
  • Manages team of subordinates, including scheduling, work procedures, workflow, duty assignment, grievance resolution and ensuring adherence to procedures and processes, suggesting improvements and standardizations along the way.
  • Manages stockroom or warehouse to include maintenance and servicing of machinery on a regular basis, expense accountability and budgetary responsibilities, staff training to ensure proficiency in all positions, incident reports and investigations, etc.
  • Acts as liaison between shipping vendors and company.
  • Respond to and manage any customer inquiries or complains or refer them through the appropriate channels and follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned.
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