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Tubes International

Tubes International is a global supplier of hoses and couplings for industrial and high pressure applications. We offer products in all sizes, materials and operating pressures from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Tubes International was founded in 1993. Following a period of substantial growth in the 1990’s, when the company consolidated its position in Poland, Tubes International started to take its operations abroad. Since its formation, it has transitioned from a one-person, local business into a worldwide company. Today, from our head office in Poznań/Poland and a network of almost 50 branches and agencies across Europe and other parts of the world, we can respond to every enquiry and order. At each of these locations, our customers receive prompt service, including over-the-counter hose assembly production.

We serve a whole spectrum of industries. We tackle large projects, like fluid transfer systems in manufacturing plants, steel mills, or high-volume orders for car assembly lines. We provide our solutions for a vast array of applications everywhere from an a petrol pump to an oil rig, from a hospital bed to a pharmaceutical production line, from a farm to a grain cargo ship.

With a solid reputation in the industry, we won major contracts for supplying complete lines of hose assemblies for petrochemical companies, dairy companies and power plant projects.

Tubes International is not just another supplier of industrial hoses and couplings. We supply solutions. We have the expertise to identify problems, optimize performance, and to provide quality products and services. The customers can rely on us for the way we deal with their most complex challenges.

Tubes International is at the forefront of the hose and coupling market. We have huge experience and know-how that we supply with the products. To remain at the top we must keep pace with the fast-changing market and adapt to increasing quality and safety requirements. We joined NAHAD to learn even more and do even better. With access to the latest industry information, training and networking with other innovative people we can boost our knowledge, develop skills and best business practices.

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