Buffalo, New York – February 23rd, 2024, KYKLO Announces New Website to Drive Digitalization

KYKLO is a leading provider of digital, content and commerce solutions for distributors and manufacturers, shaping the industry with innovative ideas and best practices.

The new website is designed to showcase KYKLO’s digital solutions for distributors and manufacturers of all sizes. Plus, the information answers questions for sales, marketing, management, IT professionals, and other job functions within their clients’ organizations.

The website features a new and improved menu that allows visitors to quickly access KYKLO offerings. After selecting their company type – distributor or manufacturer – the user is taken to a library of available services. Case studies are available to show how KYKLO’s innovative digital solutions can help businesses reach new levels of success.

Need information on KYKLO’s industry-leading product content? There is a one-click button which takes you directly to information on our nearly 6.5 million SKU library of enriched and optimized products. Client testimonials, omnichannel whitepapers, and the KYKLO Knowledge base join a repository of industry testimonials.

The website also highlights several critical solutions for both manufacturers and distributors. Here is a short list:

For manufacturers

· Commerce solutions for those who chose to sell direct, through their channels, or in a hybrid mix of both.

· Syndication solutions ranging from products data, brand experience, price, and inventory syndication capabilities.

For Distributors

· Content driven commerce solution to best represent the brands you sell or content only solution to easily add KYKLO massive content library to your existing web shop.

· Add-on product selectors for existing systems.

“With a growing range of solutions available to our customers, we’re excited about the opportunity to enhance their experience. While reflecting on our standards, we identified areas for improvement to ensure smooth navigation and accessibility of information.” said Ryan Francis, KYKLO Managing Director “Although the site has only recently been launched, we’re already receiving positive feedback, fueling our enthusiasm for what’s to come.”

Check out the new website here: https://hubs.li/Q02m5scG0

About KYKLO:

KYKLO helps Manufacturers and Distributors improve online product discovery, generate more sales-

qualified leads and deliver a better online buying experience. KYKLO knows the challenges that manufacturers face not just syndicating content, but also creating it to begin with, maintaining it, or deploying it to the final user. When manufacturers partner with KYKLO they discover the benefit of fully automated data sharing which turns into powerful, qualified lead generation. Case studies indicate that this drives new business more efficiently than any other form of marketing activity completely outclassing tradeshows, old-fashioned advertising, or other web-based efforts.

At KYKLO, we’re different because your buyers are different. Learn more at https://hubs.li/Q02m5scG0

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