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The e-Learning program, NAHAD Academy, is designed to ensure all member organizations, regardless of size or budget, have access to affordable, quality, and relevant industry education content.

NAHAD Academy offers members the opportunity to enhance and/or augment their on-boarding process, training and employee development programs.  This solution offers employees anytime, anywhere access to online, interactive coursework.

Sampling of Courses Available through NAHAD Academy

The Academy offers more than 200 course titles, including the HSI Certification series, in the tracks listed below.  To view a list of courses, by track, click here for a the full NAHAD Course List:  NAHAD Academy Course List 04.2024

NAHAD HSI Handbook and Fabrication Certification Courses

  • Manager Track
  • Counter/Inside Sales Track
  • Human Resources Track
  • Marketing Track
  • Microsoft Skills Track
  • Purchasing Track
  • Outside Sales Track
  • Sales Manager Track
  • Warehouse Personnel Track
  • Workplace Etiquette Track
  • Jeff Havens Learning Content

All courses are interactive and provide a required final assessment to measure learning, comprehension and application.

We have several hundred course titles available in Spanish and French. Click this link to view NAHAD Academy Content In Spanish And French.   


1. Purchase one or more annual Subscriptions (to train 20 employees or less)

Subscriptions are for a 12-month period and cover up to three learner. Only one learner at a time can be in Active status; up to three learners can be rotated in and out of that seat during the subscription period.     Managed by your Training Coordinator, access 200+ online course titles including the HSI course series.   


  1. Cost effective – less than $100 per employee per year
  2. Employees log in through a customized portal directly to NAHAD Academy
  3. Your Training Coordinator manages your program: add employees; manage course assignments; set completion deadlines; track learner progress; run completion reports
  4. Purchase additional subscriptions at any time.

Subscription Cost:  $295 per year and renewed annual

2.  Purchase an Corporate Subscription (best for 20 employees or more)

The Corporate Subscription option enables a NAHAD member to reserve a specific number of seats, for a set annual fee, in NAHAD Academy. Employees can be rotated in and out of seats at any time.  


  1. The fee will be invoiced annually on the purchase anniversary date. 
  2. Establish NAHAD Academy accounts for all of your employees.
  3. Assign groups of employees (based on # of seats purchased) coursework throughout the year; free up a seat by making an employee inactive when they’ve completed their assignments.
  4. Create employee teams (Inside or Outside Sales; Fabrication; Operations; New Hires etc.) and assign them an HSI course series and/or select other courses from the NAHAD Academy library. 

Subscription Cost:  

              Reserve 20-25 Seats        $2,250 annually (cost savings of about $10 per person)
              Reserve 26-35 Seats        $2,975 annually (cost savings of about $15 per person)
              Reserve 36-50 Seats        $3,600 annually (cost savings of about $20 per person)

3. License the HSI Content for your LMS

If your Company has its own Learning Management System (LMS), license the HSI content from NAHAD. Our course files are SCORM compliant and will upload to just about any system allowing you to manage NAHAD training in one place.  If this option is of interest, email us at and we’ll start the licensing process. 

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