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Why should we join the Hose Safety Institute?

  • Members of NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute© represent distributors, manufacturers and suppliers who share a passion for the industry.  They support and promote hose assembly safety, quality and reliability through education, research, and collaboration through end-user forums.  As a result of their efforts, NAHAD and specifically HSI, have become the go-to organization when there is an industry question that needs to be discussed, vetted, and/or resolved.

HSI members agree to incorporate a series of prescribed best practices and industry-leading guidelines into their business culture.  They follow strict design and fabrication standards.  In doing so, they demonstrate to their clients that they care for the safety of their teams and the value of their trust.  

  • HSI resources serve as the basis for educating all NAHAD members and end-users on top-tier hose assembly specification, design, fabrication, handling, and management.

Who benefits from the work of the Hose Safety Institute?

  • Most importunately, the end-users of an HSI member benefit from the knowledge that the company they work with followed prescribed design and standards specifications to ensure their teams will be working with equipment that has been methodically and carefully assembled and tested.  
  • NAHAD member organizations benefit from the educational content produced. This content, when coupled with hands-on training, helps develop an efficient, effective, and competent workforce.  
  • The industry at large benefits when distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers agree on a solution and best-practice that sets a high standard for safety.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Hose Safety Institute?

  • HSI membershHose Basics Opening Slide (002)ip separates an organization from the crowd.  
  • It demonstrates to the end-user community
    • that you are in it for the long-run – you don’t take short-cuts;
    • you invest in your team – it’s about more than the bottom line;
    • you take great care in the products you deliver to the field.

How does a company or location become an HSI member?

  • They are a NAHAD member in good standing.
  • The membership application substantiates a location follows industry best practices as identified and prescribed in the HSI Handbook:
    • All hoses assemblies are fabricated in conformance with NAHAD Fabrication Guidelines;
    • The location has the ability to properly test hose assemblies;
    • Accurate and up-to-date records of regularly-scheduled calibrations for associated testing equipment is maintained;
    • Hose inventory is well-organized and stored in a properly controlled environment;
    • Hose assemblies are tagged and identification methods are applied as per best practices;
    • At least one team member has earned HSI certification and is fabrication certified.

What value can the Hose Safety Institute add for me and my company?

  • It sends a powerful message to your customers – one that creates loyalty as a result of your reliability and trust.
  • Investing in the training and education of your team means greater care of raw materials, fewer mistakes in assembly, better results in testing and in the field.
  • Becoming a known resource for segments in the industry, based on your specialty, who gives back.   
  • An increased company profile can have benefits beyond the bottom line.

What is the Hose Safety Institute Advisory Council and what do they do?hose-safety-institute-faq-1

  • The HSI Advisory Council is composed of end-users, academics, and government agency representatives who have a stake in the future of the industry and care about how it conducts business. The Council provides guidance to the NAHAD Standards Committee in setting an agenda and arranging priorities. It also serves as a sounding board on issues and solutions that advance fabrication, technology, and safety.

Apply for a Membership

Join the Hose Safety Institutes to support and promote hose assembly safety, quality, and reliability.

Renew your HSI Membership

Renew your certification to support and promote hose assembly safety, quality, and reliability.

The Hose Safety Institute is able to reach across a 360 degree supply chain in order to get the most comprehensive analysis and agreement on best practices. Institute member distributors have the benefit of access to these best practices which results in the highest levels of confidence in their systems and processes.

Rick Pitman, PSC VP EHST


How does a team member become a candidate for HSI Certification?


  • To achieve HSI certification, a candidate needs to complete the online Hose Safety Institute series of courses offered through NAHAD Academy.  The course series begins with Hose Basics, followed by a hose- specific course selected by the candidate: Composite, Corrugated Metal, Hydraulic or Industrial hose type.  The last course in the series is focused on Post Fabrication.  The candidate must pass each course assessment with an 80% or higher to become certified.

Are there online courses and assessments based on the Fabrication Guides?

  • NAHAD does not currently offer online course options for hose-specific Fabrication certification.  Candidates interested in Fabrication certification for any of the five hose types: Composite, Corrugated Metal, Fluoropolymer, Hydraulic or Industrial, will download the Guide, register for, and pass, a final assessment with an 80% or better.  

I have passed one of the Fabrication assessments. Do I need to take the online HSI courses to become HSI certified?

  • Yes.

Why does NAHAD offer these assessments?

  • The assessments are designed to test comprehension and application of industry Best Practices as outlined in the Hose Safety Institute Handbook and Fabrication Guides. Passing an assessment demonstrates competency, specific to a hose type, which translates directly to enhanced job performance through a consistent and standardized approach to the application of best practices in hose fabrication.  The end result is improved quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Do I need to become Hose Safety Institute certified prior to taking a Fabrication Guide assessment?

  • No, you may take the Fabrication assessments at any time. However, it is recommended you consider HSI certification as a first step.

Are there fees associated with joining the Hose Safety Institute and/or becoming certified or taking a Fabrication assessment?

  • Yes.  There is an annual HSI membership fee for locations that qualify.  An individual employee of a member company does have access to both the online HSI certification courses and Fabrication assessments. There is a fee charged for each.


Can I use the Hose Safety Institute Handbook or Guide during the assessments for reference?

  • Yes and no.  NAHAD assessments test comprehension and knowledge of specific concepts and processes.  The answer to a question won’t necessarily be found in the resource material.

Is there a time limit for the Fabrication assessments?

  • Yes, the Fabrication assessments must be finished within a two-hour period and at one setting.

May I take more than one Fabrication assessment or be certified in more than one hose type?

  • Yes to both.  You can become HSI certified in more than one hose type and Fabrication certified in more than one hose type as well.

Are these assessments paper or online?

  • HSI certification courses/assessments and Fabrication assessments are taken online. Both require access to a computer with internet access and are available 24/7, once registered.

What kinds of questions do the assessments include?

  • Each assessment is composed of a varied number of multiple-choice questions with only one right answer.  These questions are based on the learning objectives for the HSI certification courses and the material found in the Fabrication Guides.  

What is a passing score?

  • A passing score is 80%.

When will I know if I passed?

  • You will receive a preliminary score when you submit the assessment.  Official notification, along with a Certificate of Completion or Certification, will come from NAHAD typically within three business days.

What happens if I fail the assessment?

  • For the online HSI certification courses, you will have three attempts before being locked out. The Fabrication assessments must be passed on the first try.  If you are unsuccessful, you and your manager will need to discuss next steps.  It is recommended that you spend additional time studying and then retake the assessment.

I’m ready to become HSI Certified and/or Fabrication Certified. What do I do next?

  • Notify your manager and have him/her log onto the NAHAD website and register you for the appropriate courses/assessments.  
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