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Membership to the Hose Safety Institute (HSI) is available to NAHAD member locations (separate physical facilities operated by the member company), regardless of membership type, who follow the hose fabrication and assembly guidelines and best practices outlined in the HSI Handbook and Fabrication Guides.  HSI membership is tied to a specific location/branch – where a NAHAD member has more than one location, each location must be individually certified. 

The application process will require some preparation and time to complete. Once received, it will undergo a two-level review to determine eligibility:

  1. Level 1 Review: Will provide confirmation of the following:  a.) both the organization and branch (if applicable) are current NAHAD members; b.) one or more employees at the branch location hold an active HSI Handbook and Fabrication Certification in the hose types the branch specializes in. 

    • If both eligibility requirements are met, the application moves forward.
    • If the certification piece is missing, the $300 application fee will be converted to a NAHAD Academy subscription so certification can be completed.  The HSI application will need to be submitted.

  2. Level 2 Review: Will include a comprehensive review of the questionnaire responses by a Standard Committee review team to determine compliance with HSI guidelines and best practices.  NAHAD will follow up, requesting additional information and/or verification is deemed necessary to make a final decision on membership.

NAHAD staff will confirm receipt of your application and compliance with Level 1 review requirements within 5 business days.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for the Level 2 review process to be completed. 

Is your organization a good fit for Hose Safety Institute (HSI) Membership?

Eligibility Requirements

NAHAD Member locations (separate physical facilities operated by the member company) must demonstrate their compliance with the hose fabrication and assembly guidelines and best practices outlined in the HSI Handbook and Fabrication Guides.

To determine eligibility, the application requires responses to a series of questions that will provide reviewers a clear vision of how the location complies with HSI guidelines and best practices. You will be asked to provide information and/or a detailed explanation related to the following:

Identify at least one individual at this location who is currently HSI Handbook certified in each hose type in which the location does business and as listed in the application.
Identify at least one individual at this location who is currently HSI Fabrication certified in each hose type in which the location does business and as listed in the application.
Explain how the location uses S.T.A.M.P.E.D. throughout the sales and fabrication process.
Hose and hose assemblies are properly cleaned and tested.
Accurate and up-to-date records of regularly scheduled calibrations for associated testing equipment are maintained.
The written standard protocol for hose and hose assembly testing is followed.
The Safety Plan should include an SOP on the timing and audit process for handling incident reports as well as an SOP for proper handling and storage requirements for chemicals and other hazardous materials.
The protocol that has been established and is followed for hose tagging and identification.
How hose assemblies are packaged and stored in a well organized and environmentally controlled area that meets or exceeds requirements for inspections and storage of hose.
Investment in employee industry-specific training and certification programs above and beyond HSI training.
Manufactures provide one customer/end-user reference; Distributors provide one manufacturer and one customer/end-user reference.
The principal of the NAHAD Member attests, in writing, that the location complies will comply with these requirements.
An attestation and certification of compliance is completed annually upon renewal.  The annual renewal fee is $300.

Train Your Team

NAHAD offers HSI resources members can use for new employee onboarding and technical training.

HSI Handbook is a perfect ready-reference for your location.  It is available to HSI members at no cost in electronic format.  Click here for details and to download your copy. 

NAHAD Academy offers the necessary courses and assessments for HSI certification.  Click here for more information and to purchase a subscription.

HSI Fabrication Guides are also available to HSI members for free download.  Click here to find the Guides and more valuable documents and presentations that can be customized for your use.

HSI Hands-On Training is offered annually.  Click here to view the 2023 program details and register.

Benefits of Membership

Being accepted for membership in the Hose Safety Institute distinguishes your organization from others in the industry. It demonstrates your commitment to fostering an environment where hose assembly safety, quality, and reliability.

A listing in the Find an Institute Member locator accessed by end-users and industry professionals seeking to locate providers of safer, higher quality, more reliable hose assemblies.

Use of the NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Member logo in your marketing & communications media.

Customizable online Marketing Resources (brochures, portfolios, PowerPoint presentations and other promotional tools).

Your dues supporting NAHADs commitment to content development and research to enhance Hose Safety guidelines and education.

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