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HSI Recertification

Continuing Education Policy

This CE Policy provides a pathway for members to automatically renew their HSI certification(s) beyond the initial three-year period.  This renewal process requires the completion and reporting of 10 hours of eligible continuing education (CE) which can be earned by participation in industry-based training. 

This policy was designed to encourage continued participation in professional development opportunities that increase their skills and enhance their contribution to both their organization and the industry. 

NAHAD member organizations investing in the continued professional development of their employees ensure the promotion of hose assembly safety, quality and reliability through practice and education.

Policy Details

Earning CE Credit Hours

CE credit hours must be earned during the current period of certification which will end on the last day of the certification renewal month.  CE hours in excess of those necessary for renewal may not be applied to subsequent reporting periods.  CE hours earned from one program may not be split between two three-year reporting periods. 

Programs Eligible For CE

Eligible CE programs are those specific to the industry and cover: hose safety, fabrication and design, assembly, testing, inspection, and related research.  Here are some examples of education and training that would be eligible for CE:

  • NAHAD HSI Hands-On Training (12-15 hours)
  • NAHAD Annual Meeting (5-10hours)
  • Manufacturer Training (Examples: ContiTech, Dixon Valve, Eaton, Gates, Hose Master)
  • Skills Training/Certification (Examples: Crimper Training, Rigging or Welding Certification)
  • Safety Training (Examples: ASME, ISO, SHARP/OSHA, Manufacturer, Regional or State)
  • Sales, Management, Leadership, Distributor Training
  • University of Innovative Distribution (10 hours)

How CE Is Calculated

The following guidelines can be used to calculate CE hours:

  • In-Person training:
    • Full-Day = 8 hours CE
    • Half-Day = 4 hours CE
    • Shorter Sessions = Actual time in session; 50 min = 1-hour CE
    • Live webinar = 1-hour CE for every 50 min of content
  • NAHAD Sponsored Online training will be calculated as follows:
    • One hour of CE for every hour of content (NAHAD willl verify time in session)
    • Number of hours identified on a Certificate of Completion
  • Trade/Technical School/College Credit
    • One college credit = 10 hours CE

Reporting Completion OF CE

CE will be reported online within 30 days (on either end) of the certification(s) end date.  The individual will certify that the information they are reporting is accurate. Once submitted, HSI certification(s) will be extended for another three-years.  Access to the form requires login privileges to the NAHAD site. 

Reporting Responsibility

While typically the individual who is certified will complete and submit the CE Reporting form, this form may also be completed by a person designated as the Training Coordinator or a manager who has knowledge of the individual’s training record as well as login privileges to the NAHAD site. 

Multiple Certifications – Varied End Dates

For those who hold multiple HSI Certifications with varied end dates, CE reported for the first expired certification will be applied to all certifications, with a future expiration date.  All HSI Certifications for that individual will now expire on the same date/year. 

No CE Reported

If no CE is reported 60 days after a certification expiration date, the individual will be notified, via email that one or more of their certifications is no longer valid.  To be reinstated, the individual will need to immediately report previously completed CE or restart the certification process which would include successful completion of the required course work. 


Occasionally, NAHAD staff will audit CE reporting forms and request supporting documentation.  That documentation can include any combination of the following:

  • Certificate of completion/grade report
  • Evidence of registration and/or attendance
  • Weblink with program date
  • Copy or verification of final course assessment

Implementation Plan

The effective date of this policy: January 1, 2020. 

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