Job Task Description

General Management


  • Responsible for overall success, growth and profitability of the company. With the help of the
    management team, GM will develop and achieve an operating plan to drive growth and profitability.
  • Responsible for development and achievement of the annual budget.
  • Provide leadership and direct
    management for all operations supervisors and sales associates.
  • Develop and implement a sales strategy
    that ensures growth.
  • Promote customer satisfaction, commitment to quality, increased sales, high gross
    margins, efficiency, and direct expense control.
  • Develop and implement necessary policies and procedures
    to ensure achievement of metrics goals.
  • Responsible for recruiting, selecting, and coaching departmental managers and acting as a leader for all
    team members.
  • Communicates values, strategies and objectives.
  • Plans, monitors and appraises job performance and results; assigns accountabilities; encourages team
    members education and growth.
  • Develops and executes strategic plan and budget by studying technological and financial opportunities,
    presenting assumptions, recommending objectives and executing tactics.
  • Regularly reports on business strategy and progress toward goals.
  • Oversees purchasing, procurement and inventory management to maximize working capital.
  • Oversees sales and marketing efforts to ensure maximum sales and gross profit goals are reached.
  • Oversees customer support to ensure an excellent customer experience and brand reputation.
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