Job Task Description

Hose Fabrication


  • Identify hose and proper fittings, locate correct crimp specs for each assembly. Each assembly must be measured, cut, assembled, crimped, tested and tagged appropriately.
  • Responsible for filling customer orders in a manner that meets company standards by obtaining merchandise of hose and related fitting from floor, shelf or bin location and ensures the completeness and correctness of all orders filled. May operate materials handling equipment and light fabricating hand tools and welder or forklift. Assemble and repair hoses of various shapes, sizes and pressures.
  • Responsible for the assembling of hydraulic hoses to meet customer requirements, prepares shipments, receives and verifies items against receiving documents. Rearranges and takes inventory of materials, keeps warehouse clean and verifies the quality of hose assemblies.
  • Work in team-oriented setting and be able to effectively communicate with peers and supervisors.
  • Complete daily orders; identify, verify and correct inventory; fill out paperwork accurately.
  • Quality control inspection of products and equipment, as needed.
  • Maintain clean and organized work station and area.
  • Communicate effectively with others.
  • Ensure all hose assemblies are manufactured or repaired to the correct standard and within the required timeframe to meet customer requirements.
  • Ensure hose assemblies are inspected and tested to the specified standard, with information recorded correctly.
  • Respond to customer inquiries or complaints (or refer them through the appropriate channels) and follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Adhere to all relevant company policies and procedures.
  • Miscellaneous tasks as assigned.
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