Job Task Description

Information Technology (IT)


  • Directs and coordinates local area computer network activities personally or through subordinate
  • Responsible for managing all organization technologies and providing technology support and training
    where applicable. Primary duties include: analyzing systems and processes; installing and maintaining
    routers/firewalls; adding/terminating users; assigning rights and access; resetting passwords; establishing
    e-mail addresses, assessing and reporting operational status; performing backup and restores; maintain
    service levels for data and phone connections and systems; maintaining workstations/laptops, servers,
    local and remote networks. Recommending hardware suppliers and negotiating cost, selecting software
    and ensuring proper licensing.
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures related to network hardware and software acquisition,
    use, support, security and back up.
  • Establishes and maintains network users, user environment, directories and security.
  • Responds to the needs and questions of network users concerning their access to resources on the network
    and the operation of various software programs.
  • Communicates with other departments to report and resolve software, hardware and operations problems.
  • Researches and evaluates new technologies.
  • Installs and tests software upgrades; develops and implements disaster recovery procedures.
  • Maintains information on all machines and assets in system.
  • Continuously gathers feedback for system improvements and proposes related efficiencies.
  • Ensures technology documents/certificates such as product registrations, SSL certificates, maintenance
    agreements, service contracts, etc. related to technology operations and/or technology services are
    evaluated, updated and processed.
  • Maintains web-based applications including websites and intranets.
  • Ensures for the availability, continuity and security of data and information pertaining to the organization.
  • Develops and manages technology budget and approves related expenditures. Reviews and approves IT
    related expenditures.
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