NAHAD Public Policy

NAHAD Public Policy

NAHAD’s U.S. public policy efforts focus on legislation and regulations that impact the competitiveness of wholesaler-distributors and manufacturers and the costs of product to their customer base.

As an active association member of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Energy Equipment & Infrastructure Aliance (EEIA), NAHAD is engaged on our members’ behalf with numerous industry alliances supporting U.S. legislation, tax policies and regulations that lower the costs of doing business and encourage free enterprise. NAHAD staff members, Joseph Thompson, Executive V.P., Molly Mullins, Associate Executive and Kristin Thompson, Director of Communications & Conferences (included in NAM photo below) serve on the NAW and NAM Executives’ Councils, working with other association executives to strengthen the role and success of their members.

Through its participation on numerous Washington, DC coalitions and alliances, NAHAD supports efforts to rationalize and reduce the high cost of business taxes in the United States, oppose repeal of the LIFO accounting method and initiatives that will lower the cost of doing business and improve the competitive position of North America’s manufacturing base.

We support free and fair trade, which means enactment and enforcement of trade laws that combat illegal subsidies, manipulated currencies and all other mercantilist policies. We support legislation that provides relief for U.S. manufacturers impacted by currency manipulation and favor adoption of better, stronger tools to combat unfair and illegal trade practices.

We support labor laws and policies that encourage profitability, opportunities for personal advancement, safety, and workforce development. We oppose legislation and regulations intended to tilt the labor-management balance in favor of organized labor unions. We favor secret balloting in union certification elections, with adequate time for all parties to consider carefully the costs and benefits of a labor union.

We support energy policies that protect our environment and create reliable domestic energy supplies while retaining a positive, favorable environment for manufacturing in North America. We support regulations that would lead to a cleaner environment that are multiparty and commonly adopted by the entire world community. We oppose cap-and-trade schemes that would punish the competitiveness of North American manufacturing while other nations continue to pollute freely. We oppose the EPA regulation of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) under the provisions of the Clean Air Act and its unilateral regulation of U.S. industry.

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